Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My My Time Does Fly

Oh my goodness.  Where did the past 2 months go?  February and March were a blur and it is now April and I've been SO delinquent.  Life is busy..too busy.  I guess I've opted to take those opportunities when I had time to sit and do nothing to do just that...instead of blogging!  So here are some updates...and I promise to do a little better!

1)  Heidi the dog is still FABULOUS.  I.  love.  her.  She and I have had great walks, great times at the dog park and she is the best couch potato EVER!  Everyone is totally jealous of me having the PERFECT dog.  She is sweet, she obeys well, she is quiet (except for talking to the squirrels or the doorbell) and she is a compact little bundle of beauty!  I love to watch her leap out the door, bounding over to the trees to try her best to catch some busy squirrel eating his lunch.  I love to watch her shake her toys ferociously, and run like the dickens (and always win) the race to the toy chicken. (Sorry all doggies at the dog park...Heidi is going to get there FIRST.)

2)  Crafting has been at a standstill.  I have tried to knit a little...started scarves for my daughter and my sister and let them know that they will be wearing them NEXT winter.  I started a wrap for myself and haven't gotten past casting on yet.  Woolies haven't been made since the IPOD cases around Valentine's Day.  I'm in my "dormant" period with the felt, but need to get cranked up again.  Last year I was SO thankful that I started making my holiday inventory early (July) and this year I have vowed to start even earlier.  So I need to start thinking Christmas again soon.  One thing about my is pretty season specific.  Today is is almost 90 degrees (yes, unseasonably hot) and no one wants to think about a product made of wool.  But winter will come again...and "woolies" will be all the rage I'm sure!!!

3)  A highlight of February was a weekend spent in Happy Valley with my sister...going to see Doc Watson and the Kruger Brothers in North Wilkesboro at their benefit for Haitian Relief....and the bonus of seeing a baby goat shortly after it was born (my niece being one of the humans helping Mama Goat through her labor and delivery).  Kidding season at Ripshin Goat Dairy is a glorious time.  Baby goats are one of God's gifts to the world...they are sweet and fresh and being around them just makes you feel good.  March blew in and it was the middle of March before I even got used to the fact that it was a new month...time really did fly in March.  I hosted an annual party that I give each year for friends..."the hen party"...all women who have been a great support to me in times of sadness and in joy.  I love planning and preparing for the party each year, and do everything "chicken"!  Next year I promise to share some of my best hen-related decor and food ideas.

4) Many fun things await me this Spring.  I'll be celebrating with my daughter her 21st birthday the end of this month!  I'll be going to Merlefest again....SO much fun!  I'll be finishing up another semester of teaching at the community college.  I'm hopefully going to have my house painted....a much needed but EXPENSIVE project.  So I see myself spending lots of time at home, trying to save a dime.  I hope that my creative urges will send me back to the sewing machine to create more woolies.....this house painting thing might jolt me into it sooner than later!

Ta-ta for now.....and I promise to post before the next 2 months fly by!