Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting back in the swing.....sloooooowly.

Hi all...I just returned this week from a wonderful trip to New York.  Our family celebrated my sister's birthday with a trip to NYC...where we did TONS...lots of restaurants, a Broadway show, the 9/11 Memorial, the Top of the Rock at night to see the city, Battery Park, Chelsea Market...I could go on and on!  It was so much fun, and I have been SO worn out this week.  We went to the Hells Kitchen Flea Market and the Antiques Garage on Sunday afternoon. much to see, and of course leave it to me to find WOOL.  I bought a beautiful wool scarf at one place and a wool blanket at the other!  Both will be felted and made into something grand.

This weekend I'm still in my "recuperation phase" from my trip...and didn't get to the studio very much.  I did, however, get a dozen mice made!  Catnip mice, that is.  I love making these little rodents.  And kitties love them very much! 

my constant companion and quality control manager
Pretty glad that Heidi doesn't love mice the way she loves squirrels.  Have a good week, ya'll!