Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh my.

I heard from a friend today who asked "Do you still have your blog?" and sheepishly I responded yes.  I am an embarrassing example of a blogger.  There's really no excuse for my lack of I spend TOO much time in front of this computer on ridiculous, time-wasting activities.  That time could at least be used for a regular blog that would satisfy my urge to keep a somewhat "journal" of things that I enjoy AND hopefully nudge me to create more in the Woolies world to share here.  So....I am going to try to do better! I know I said that in September (cringe), but I am REALLY going to try this time.  I have so many things that I could have shared ...
1) my "new" studio space (in which I should be cranking out work on a regular basis!) 
2) my good sales success over the Christmas holidays with three different opportunities for showing my work.
3) my house getting painted this October and boy has it transformed the way my house looks and the way I feel when I drive into the driveway!
4) my daughter's graduation from college on Mother's Day weekend and then seeing her off to her 3-week volunteer internship in Kenya. She'll be home on Father's Day (but I'm calling it Mother's Day for me!!! :)
5) Heidi still being the most fantastic dog in the entire universe.
6)feeling both overwhelmed and fulfilled all at the same time when teaching American Sign Language at the community college (my biggest excuse for dropping the blog ball).
7) still enjoying wonderful weekends with my sister (went to her opening at Quirk Gallery in Richmond, enjoyed the best Merlefest EVER this year and had a wonderful family weekend for my daughter's graduation just to name a few!)
8) making some really yummy recipes over the past few months that I could have shared...I'll dig those out!
9) getting my mind wrapped around my daughter moving to Athens, GA for grad school and how much fun it's gonna be to visit her, but how much further away she's going to be ......and
10) still working on those same knitted scarves...can you believe it?  Pitiful.
So there's the top 10 things that come to mind that I could have certainly blogged about and didn't.  I aim to do better!

My Merlefest knitting bag...scarf...knit thyself.

Heidi in her Christmas "Woolies" sweater

Fun ornament wreath made for freshly painted house!