Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Enjoying the After-Christmas "Glow"

I love the days just after Christmas....lazy days when I don't have to work and I get to piddle around the house.  I've been spending lots of time with my new doggie and all my friends predicted that I'd make her an Exceptional Woolies' sweater as soon as I had time.  Tonight I had time.  I went through all the felted sweaters to find a great look for Heidi.  I decided on a sweet beige cardigan sweater with a yoke in creams and browns.  Perfect for my brown, white and black little pooch.  The neckline fit perfectly over her head and I spent some time cutting and then doing "fittings" while she sat on my bed.

I put the button placket on top so that a button can be left open to accomodate her leash.
I made a band that fits underneath her tummy that buttons on one side with a big Mother-of-Pearl button...very stylish!

The sweater reminds me of 1960's high school student...with the flipped up hair with a headband and a little circle pin of course!  Heidi loves it and we took our inaugural walk to try it out.  She looked cute and warm and I'm pretty sure she was stepping a little higher...so proud of her new duds. Just in time for the POLAR VORTEX (yes, I just heard that on the weather!!!)  that is coming in the next week! BRRRRRRRRR.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas was VERY merry!

Wow....what a whirlwind couple of weeks...Christmas came and went and I am EXHAUSTED.  My Christmas present to myself is the gift that keeps on giving...a new doggie!!!!
Heidi is her name and she is a Basenji /terrier mix...a rescue dog and the sweetest little thing
 EVER.  My 15 year old cat Bob died in October...and he was very "dog-like"...he came to the door when I came home; he followed me everywhere; and we talked and talked to each other!  I have really missed his companionship.  Heidi is a snugglebug and will certainly help fill that void at our house!

Christmas has been fun - a whirlwind of activity with family and friends...and DOGS...Heidi got to meet 4 of her six big canine cousins yesterday.  She will meet two more in a few days.  One thing is for sure....our family sure loves a dawg.  Dog friends bring constant movement and noise, going  inside and outside and chaos and joy all at the same time...never a dull moment!

I have been a slacker about blogging...don't know how in the world my favorite bloggers find time to do this every single day.  I am making a new year's resolution to blog weekly, on the same day of the week in 2010!
Time to get the leash and take a walk!  Hope your Christmas was as happy and blessed as mine!  Happy happy New Year, everyone!  Woof.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Good Grief

I cannot believe that it has been 2 weeks since I took time to blog.  What can say, other than TOO MUCH GOING ON....getting Woolies orders done, getting my final exam given and finishing grading for the class I was teaching this semester, trying to catch up around the house after being sick, decorating for Christmas, getting gifts ready, more orders, delivering orders, working my "real job" with lots of deadlines before the holidays.....the list goes on and on. Everyone I know is running around like chickens..pre-holiday crazies.

Ok...the narcissus bulbs that I worried wouldn't grow...well......it  looks like a greenhouse around here!  The paperwhite narcissus blooms are beautiful, although the smell of them has allowed them to be moved to the dining room behind closed doors.  Wow.  They are STRONG...and I lived with them in the den for a while, and today decided they needed to get away from my sensitive allergy ridden nose.  I can still enjoy them on a less regular basis, plus I have french doors to the dining room and can peer in anytime I want...sniff free.  They have been a real joy for someone like me who doesn't have much luck with plants.  Instant gratification...I love it!

Last Sunday was spent finishing up gifts for all my friends at work.  I made small trees similar to my big Christmas tree wine covers, and sewed buttons on for ornament and then attached the tree to a fleece throw.  I had quite an assembly line going for several nights...the throws turned out really cute and all my friends loved them (we exchanged our Christmas gifts this past week!)

  Sara Beth comes home for her holiday break this Tuesday!  I can't WAIT!  We'll be putting up our tree in the den ....and my house will be complete for Christmas...fully decorated and fully inhabited!  I love holidays!  We're gonna make up for our H1N1 filled Thanksgiving...and do lots of cooking , shopping, visiting with friends and family...all those things that we missed out on a few weeks ago!