Sunday, August 23, 2009

Abrupt End

Hi all! Well, the summer came to an abrupt end...and I started back to the real world of work and deadlines and driving miles and miles! Oh, how sad to be finished with lazy days and working in the studio and blogging! In between all of the preparation for a new school year, I have found a little time to go hunting for new ideas and inspiration. My friend Beth sent me a link to a documentary that I definitely want to see: Handmade Nation. See the article and youtube video here. It's amazing to me how one thing leads to another and before you know it you've found the coolest things online...I looked up some of the crafters in the video and bookmarked some great sites. Also ran across Cafe Handmade which is a nifty site!

I felted more sweaters yesterday, and today made a trip with Renee to the fabric store. Stocked up on lots of purse handles for some bags that I have planned. We are getting geared up for Holly Days which is a service league sponsored show in November. There are five women, including myself, who will be sharing a booth. We all work with thread, needles, fabrics, wool and yarn so we're The Knotty Girls! I've got to get busy...the weeks are flying by! Now that school has started, the weeks and especially the weekends will move at lightning speed. My fingers need to do the same! Until next time.... Happy New School Year to all of you.

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