Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bees in the Garden


Remember that mountain honey shown in a previous post? I used every single drop of it to create a lunch menu for friends recently. It was a "honey of a lunch", and some of the recipes are worth sharing! I love putting together a luncheon for friends each summer. I always have some sort of theme for the day and this year I just wanted to celebrate summer. I had planned on having lots of fresh garden vegetables and biscuits with honey, but an unexpected (and wonderful) beach trip got thrown into the schedule. So I opted for simpler fare, the main dish which I cooked and froze before leaving for the beach. I served Chicken Florentine Lasagna which came out of my Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook. Bees in the Garden coleslaw was so easy to prepare and delicious! This recipe was found on the National Honey Board website. Yeast rolls and butter completed the plate....and then dessert was served. I found two recipes online for simple desserts including honey. I searched the Golden Blossom Honey site and found this recipe for Lemon Tarts. These were so simple and so pretty perched on my latest auction acquisition (jadite cake stand). I used fresh whipped cream, and topped some of the tarts with a blueberry and some with a little slice of strawberry. Pretty and yummy. (As you can see from the picture, there were very few left over!) I also made Honey-Peanut Butter Cookies which I found on I love this website, because of all of the comments connected to the recipes. You can find almost ANYTHING at this site. The cookies were old-fashioned flattened with the fork kind of cookies that I love the most! I served these in my cookie jar that resembles a honeycomb - perfect ! I always love to give a little treat to my guests as they are leaving. This year I found some small honeycomb shaped soaps and beverage spoons dipped in honey. With clear cellophane, I wrapped two tea bags , one soap and tied the beverage stirrer in with the black and white checked ribbon. Using a bee stamp, I made a little card attached to each favor. We had fun and the best part of the lunch was seeing friends and wishing everyone well as we head back into another school year!

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