Saturday, September 17, 2011

Posy Wreath Tutorial continued...

Hi All!  Hope you've had a good week.  It has turned cool here and was a gray misty day...perfect for getting into the studio again to work on my woolies.  I was supposed to go on a trip this weekend with some friends, but we postponed the trip to late October.  We were all pretty happy about that decision as the weather has not been the prettiest ANYWHERE in N.C. today.  Perfect weather for crafting, however. Since my last post, I decided that it was pretty ridiculous for me to sew almost 30 rosettes for my wreath.  HOT GLUE was the answer. I have had several glue guns around here, but of course...none to be found.  I have a feeling that they are either at work or at my daughter's house in her craft closet.  So I went to buy a new one, and decided to splurge on a CORDLESS glue gun.

Oh. MY.  What a treat. Worth every penny. I love the stand that it sits more laying the gun down on the table while it precariously twists around with that annoying electrical more cord getting in my way.  I love the convenience of this cordless glue gun.  So fair warning to everyone related to me and anyone else: I will not let this glue gun get away!  With the new glue gun, I made quick work of putting together my rosettes and attaching them to my wreath....see?

hot glue...careful!

so easy

Continue....I made 28 posies in no time flat!
I glued on leaves first as I wanted them to peek out from underneath.

Glue on posies...I held them in place for a few seconds.

Larger picture but fuzzy...and not in a good Woolie kind of way.
Completed wreath...this is the clearest picture that I have, since I took these pics with my phone....

Next time I do a tutorial, I will be sure to have my camera handy.  This wreath was tons of fun and I'm sure I'll be doing more of them.  The best part was this luscious sweater with its angora softness.  I don't find many of those often. I'll be on the hunt now for posy wreath worthy sweaters!  
Have a happy week!  I'll share more new creations soon!

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