Friday, July 17, 2009

Warm Wooly Summer

Good afternoon! It's humid and muggy here (as an old local weatherman used to call it: "huggy".) So I'm inside in the cool air conditioning hugging some new woolies that are in process. They are going to be drawstring bags and they are SO much fun to make! I love searching through different piles of felted sweaters to find just the right partners for my creations. I have tried several methods to the madness of organizing all my wool and grouping by color makes sense but doesn't really work for me. A few weeks ago, I decided to take my electric scissors and go to town on the huge piles of felt. I tried to make decisions based on each sweater as to how it would best be used. Those GIGANTIC storage bags have come in so handy - now I have a bag for future mittens, future drawstring bags, future flower pins, future cupcakes, etc. etc. Large tubs with lids hold all of the sweaters that I just can't cut yet (they haven't spoken to me!) I need to put together a "travel kit" of threads, trims, scissors and wool so that I can pick up and go with work in tow. Any ideas out there for easy organization for traveling with sewing projects? I hope you're having a happy day....I know I am!


  1. Susan,

    Love the drawstring bags -- something like that would be great for organizing my knitting. Right now I have each project in a plastic baggie and all the projects in a basket, but it's not very attractive (although it's really easy to find the project I'm looking for).

  2. Thanks, Paige! I am working on getting these on my Etsy shop...just need a few more summer is going toooo fast!