Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gettin' Christmasy

I've been so inspired and energized by my big weekend of non-stop creating that I'm anxious to do more and more. I had not really planned on making Christmas tree wine covers..they just sort of happened during the weekend as I was sitting there with two green sweaters. I remembered seeing something similar on an old Martha Stewart program, and decided to do a similar thing using my repurposed felted wool and some sweet vintage trim that I purchased this summer at the Hospice Flea Market. I drew off a "Whoville" looking tree and cut 2, sewed them together and added sweet garland with daisy and rosebud trim and edging with some cool red and white trim. By the way...LOVED using my auction-purchased Singer and enjoyed zig-zagging my way through felt and trim.

Inspired by my three trees, I went to Goodwill in search of green sweaters (no luck) and then remembered the Military Surplus Store a block away from Goodwill....bought an army blanket and felted it...boy did it shed some wool! I ran into Granddaddy's Antiques to my favorite booth where I can always find some neat fabrics and sewing and knitting related items. Found some cute trims there, and Uncle Bud's Fabrics is also located in that same building so I was able to find some big rick rack and other trims in cute colors. So I am ready to crank out some more trees! I plan on doing some of my favorite polka dot trees as well. Love those dots!

I also have a special order for some mittens for little folks..haven't done any little ones, so that's going to be fun! I'm going to be home this weekend and I am SO looking forward to staying put for a while...I plan to SEW SEW SEW!!! I'll let you know how it goes!

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