Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I want an extended wooly vacation!

Hello everybody...I love my "real" job...I truly do...I have been teaching children with exceptional needs for 25 years, and I have never tired of the joys of teaching...BUT....this Fall I am really struggling with wanting to be home at my sewing machine and in a chair with a needle and thread. I'm also teaching a class at the community college one night a week...and boy, let me tell you...that is WAY more time consuming than you would think. My weekends have been a little bit spoiled with the impending Monday night class hanging over my head, when all I wanna do..is have some fun...(singing Sheryl Crow in my head)...

So...I am whining. I know it. I hate whiny behavior...but I am doing it right here for everyone and his brother to see...shame on me. But there's so much I want to do, and so little time to do it....it would be nice if there were at least a few 3 day weekends in my near future, and NOTHING ELSE TO DO. But it's not gonna happen.

This past weekend was way busy...but fun. I attended an auction on Saturday morning at a friend's parent's home...sad and hard for him to see his parents' and grandfather's belongings sold...what made it easier was seeing some of his friends take home some of those belongings that he will see us enjoy. I was excited to get a Singer sewing machine. I've been wanting an extra machine, especially for taking with me when I want to work somewhere away from home. This machine is lighter than my "Signature" machine. In just the last week, I had looked at some threads on an Etsy forum regarding sewer's preferences and had been hunting on Ebay for sewing machines. I was thrilled when the very first thing I saw as I walked up to the auction was a sewing machine in the original box...which my friend says his mom probably used twice. SCORE. And for $32.50 to boot...now aren't you jealous? This one is old enough to have metal parts...which hopefully will make it a longer lasting investment.

Saturday evening my friend Betsy and her daughter Paxton came to spend the night with me. They are the friends we visited this summer at the Outer Banks. Paxton is a fabulous basketball player and shows her stuff in front of college coaches at big "expos" I think they call them...anyway...she has had lots of colleges looking at her, cuz she is GREAT. Betsy is my friend that I've had the longest of anyone in the world (as you see I'm avoiding calling her my oldest friend), because I do have OLDER friends! We have known each other since first grade and went through 12 grades together, were bridesmaids in each other's weddings, and we still love each other just as much as we did at age 6. I had fun showing Betsy all the woolies I've been working on...she is amazed that she and Paxton were here one year ago for this same basketball event and I had not begun making woolies yet! Talking about that with her, I realized just how much I HAVE done in 12 months...and that helps put things in perspective. I guess I need to focus a little more on what I HAVE done rather than the constant list-making and thinking about all that I haven't done. Hmmm..good idea. It really is amazing that in one year I have begun this new venture, and in just a couple of weeks will be featured in Sew Beautiful! I am returning to venues where I sold things last year (by request, which is great)...and if I could crank out more work I could commit to even more venues. So life is good. Very very good. And I'm so very fortunate to have THREE jobs, so shame on me even more for complaining one little bit! I'm gonna bask in my good fortune...and do what I can physically do...and it's all good. Thanks for being my sounding board to help me gain some perspective on my silly self.

Today is the birthday of my wonderful sister, Jane...Happy Birthday to you! Jane is my supporter, my friend, my creative mentor and always my "big sister" who shares all things sentimental and special about our wonderful childhood and our unbelievable parents. We are lucky girls, and I am blessed to have her as my sister. (Check out Jane's beautiful work on her Etsy site!) I'm including my very favorite picture of the two of us. Jane was 7 and I was a year old and I never get tired of looking at this one..She has been the BEST sister ever..all of my life!

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