Sunday, October 18, 2009

SOOOOOOO Beautiful!!!!!

Okay...I have SO much to tell and have had SO little sleep this this will be short and sweet. I spent the weekend at the cutest little cottage in Swansboro with all the girls sharing a booth at Holly Days in November (Renee, Kelly, Shannon and Amy). Kelly and Shannon are sisters and couldn't be more fun or more hospitable...their family cottage reeks of laughter and happiness and family stories. We cranked out work late into each night and sat down to craft again as soon as we got up in the morning. A few trips outside into the brisk October air gave us energizing breaks. There's just nothing like waking up and looking out on the water to start your day.

Kelly and Shannon (PeachyKeen coming soon to Etsy!) were busy making the cutest fabric pincushions and pumpkins and little hairbows...

Amy was amazing us all with her antique sock knitting machine...

Renee was in constant motion crocheting and knitting hats...

and I was spreading wooly lint and scraps all over the room while in a sewing frenzy with Woolies!

Joining us for the weekend was Shannon's doggie, Arthur, who was the cutest, sweetest thing! He enjoyed all the lovin' from the ladies.

I spent some time out on the pier making photos of some of my finished Wooly Wearables for Bottled Beverages..and those bottles sure were warm, but I was freezing...went in for a second pair of pants and another shirt and was COLD.

Before leaving for home, we had a little photo shoot of some of our finished work, and all of us sporting hats made by Renee! It was a GREAT weekend...and we hope to make this an annual event!

I will post soon with details on some of my newest creations...I have something brand new to Woolies that I made several of this weekend. Can't wait to show you!

The next big exciting thing I have to share is that the magazine is OUT!!!!!! I ca
me home from a glorious weekend, checked my mailbox and found several complimentary copies of Sew Beautiful Issue #127 November/December 2009. So...if you have a desire, please run right out and get a copy...and find me on page 58: Wooly Wonderland by Susan Puckett. I have to admit that this is by far one of the more exciting things that has happened to me...four whole pages of beautiful pictures of MY work???? What???? I am still pinching myself.

See the Sew Beautiful website for stores that carry Sew Beautiful. I know that "around these parts" they have it at Wal-Mart, JoAnne's, Hobby Lobby and Barnes and Noble. I have my dear friend Renee to thank for putting the idea into the editor's head, and starting this whole year of excitement and anticipation of seeing myself and my work in a magazine!!!! Wooooohoooooooooo!

Okay...I must go to bed now...if I can sleep...the adrenalin rush from the mailbox dance is still pumping through my veins! And I lied, ya'll...this was NOT short...but I had so much good stuff to share...what an exciting day!

Goodnight is VERY VERY good!

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