Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too busy for words..literally.

Hi all Wooly Watchers...I am a little overwhelmed these days with too many responsibilities pulling at me constantly. Teaching a course at the community college, the beginning of a new school year with my "real" job and only 24 hours in a day, I'm having a little trouble doing everything I want to do! The weekends fly by...Labor Day was such a treat...wish there were more 3 day weekends between now and Thanksgiving!

I did receive my business cards and am very pleased with them! I found my bags from Nashville Wraps on my porch today. I have created labels for my cardboard "wine bottles" and they look great..so I'm all ready to go on the "Wooly Wearables for Bottled Beverages". I just need to make a TON more. These proved to be a favorite last fall, and I'm hopeful that they will sell well this year. They are so much fun to put on a bottle of wine, sparkling cider or European soda to present as a gift. I have fun making them too...cute little hats, cute little scarves - each so individual and not one exactly alike.

This weekend I plan to do some needle felting on the glasses cases that I've cut out, but not sewn yet. As soon as I get some made, I'll post a picture! I haven't done much needle felting so far, and do want to include some of it in my Woolies for Fall '09. Until the weekend..take care and enjoy this "almost Fall" weather!

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