Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall is in the air...

This morning I stepped outside and breathed in that sweet, cool air that says "Autumn is coming, Autumn is coming!!" I LOVE Autumn. I love everything about it....
  • lightweight sweaters
  • apples at the mountainside fruit stands
  • crunchy leaves
  • people getting excited about their football teams
  • marching bands and the boom, boom, boom of the drums
  • the cheers of the crowd
  • mums - gold, deep red, orange
  • pumpkins - especially the itty-bitty ones
  • gourds..the bumpier and weirder the better
  • scarecrows
  • Halloween
  • Fall Festivals
  • the State Fair
  • candy apples
  • hot cider
  • Oh-So-Good Pie
  • getting excited about new knitting projects
  • my birthday
  • socks
  • Thanksgiving
  • bonfires
Okay, okay..I KNOW that we live in NC where we get a little taste of cool weather, start dreaming about Fall and then next week it will be back up to 90 degrees. Oh well....at least I know it's coming!

Ta-ta...for now...but I know you're just dying to know about Oh-So-Good Pie..so I'll post the recipe soon.

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