Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beautiful Birthday

What a delightful day, filled with friends and lovely tokens of affection for me on my birthday...my dear friend Camille gave me this beautiful mercury glass votive holder...and inside are sweet little paperwhite narcissus bulbs nestled in white rocks. This is a double duty gift...I get to watch the bulbs grow, and after the blooms have come and gone, I get to hang the votive holder in my bay window along with my other lanterns!

I am not to be trusted with a living green plant. I don't know why, but my mother and daddy could both grow beautiful plants...my sister has carried on with the green thumb..but mine is NOT green. Camille told me to water the bulbs when I got home, and that I may need to separate them. I really, really want to see those beautiful blooms in a few weeks, so I consulted several websites and found this one which has pictures and a nice idea for a holiday centerpiece. I separated the bulbs and used the littlest bowl of the set of nesting bowls from Sara Beth for the second bulb. I can hardly wait to see these bulbs bloom! I have faith! What a sweet gift..and a way to enjoy two of my birthday surprises. The little blue bowl will look charming in my kitchen...the red glass is perfect in my red den! I get to enjoy my birthday for a very long time!

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