Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hurricane Wool

Oh my has rained for what seems like a week (although it's only been a couple of days) and the outside and the inside of my house are looking pretty similar. I have been in the final push to get everything for Holly Days made, priced and displayed. My little sewing corner in my den looks like Ida hit it full matter how many times I've pulled out the little Shark vacuum that I keep handy for thread and wool bits, the floor is still wooly and there is dust and lint in every crevice and pore of my house. I loved setting up our "booth" in my dining room, but now that everything is out, and packed in the car I am beginning to see what my dining room looks like again...and that feels good. I have neglected so much housework these past few weeks, and once I recuperate from this big crafting marathon...I have GOT to clean up! I don't think I have EVER looked forward to cleaning my house...until now. I'm also ready to think about other things... my birthday... a trip to Richmond on the 21st with the girls in my family for the Craft and Design Show and then Thanksgiving! The next few weeks are going to be busy and a different kind of way than the busy and fun I've been having here cranking out woolies! I'm already excited about sharing all that I see at the Visual Arts Center Craft and Design Show....sure hope that I have lots of spending money...I think I'm gonna need it! See you in a few days...and I'll let you know all about our big day at Holly Days...for now, I'm going to finish watching Project Runway, listen to MORE rain and bask in the fact that I am SO ready for setting up our booth tomorrow. No 4 a.m. bedtime for THIS girl THIS year!

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