Sunday, November 22, 2009

Being in Richmond is Awesome

Got back tonight from a wonderful weekend in Richmond, Va. While there, we saw a change purse at the Quirk Gallery that said "Being rich is AWESOME" I've decided that it should say "Being in Richmond is awesome!" Sister Jane, niece Meredith, niece Kate and I had a lovely time exploring some of what Richmond has to offer. We started on Friday night checking into the Linden Row Inn, then walking down a couple of blocks to Broad Street and found a delicious restaurant there called Comfort. We checked out the four restaurants that our hotel clerk had told us were within walking distance, but Comfort was the only one with a crowd standing outside waiting on a table. That was a good sign and well worth the 40 minute wait. While waiting, I took a picture of the lovely Dairy building..isn't it cute???  Our meal was terrific...meatloaf, squash, the best fried okra EVER...(fried in long whole pieces..not cut into little discs), cheese grits...braised greens...really good Southern food with great flair.  The decor was great too...primitive furnishings and such...just like the antiques that my sister and I used to have in our booth a few years ago.  We did some walking and window shopping, preparing for our big day on Saturday.  We peered in the window of the Quirk Gallery and couldn't wait to get back over there!  But not before visiting what we came to see...the  45th Annual Visual Arts Center of Richmond's Craft and Design Show.  It was held at the Science Museum on Broad St. in the rotunda, and it was a stunning venue for over 70 artists.  I could NOT have been happier to be anywhere....a feast for the eyes and many GORGEOUS things...pottery, textiles, jewelry, wood...exquisite craftsmanship everywhere you looked.  It definitely would have been awesome to be I wanted pretty much one of everything I saw!  I did buy a few treats and gifts, but had to leave most of what I wanted for someone else with deeper pockets!  Some of my favorite artists were:  Lucy V. Dierks (the most BEAUTIFUL pottery),  Jeung-Hwy Park (absolutely AMAZING textiles) ,  Ingrid B. Bernhardt (breathtaking beadwork) and Ignatius Creegan and Rod Givens (where Jane and Meredith both bought "Who" hats).

 I have soooooo much more to share about our trip, and lots more pictures of Richmond...but it is late and I must get to bed....more tomorrow!

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