Thursday, November 5, 2009

Felt Frenzy

The Knotty Girls have set up a "mock shop" in my dining room! There's so much involved in setting up a great booth at a holiday show...more than just the beautiful handmade products...there's lighting and tablecloths and shelving and making all of it so yummy and inviting that people will flock in to see what you have to offer! We are working on getting all those decisions made and kinks worked out way ahead of set-up time.
I am enjoying going in and just looking at everything...moving things around, thinking about what I need to make more of, and the endless list making of all the little details like price tags and bags and cash, etc! As you can see, I've finished lots more tree bottle covers. They are one of my new favorites. I also made a cute little outfit out of felted wool for my little snowman..well, snow woman...I gave her a flower pin on her little lapel!

All this snow, trees and fuzziness is really getting me in the holiday spirit...I'm not a fan of Christmas marketing before we can even get to the end of October...and think that Thanksgiving which is a beautiful and meaningful holiday is skimmed over just to get to "Black Friday", the day when people go crazy shopping..ugh...but the festive fleece-y, felt-y fuzzy fantastic-ness of our display gets me excited for family time and lots of love and laughter!

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