Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting back in the groove...

I have been recovering from the flu in stages...the do nothing but sleep and watch awful daytime tv stage; the get up and putter around a little until I felt clammy and flopped back on the couch stage, and the I don't have a fever so I can really think about doing a little something phase.  The "little something" has been knitting!  I can't tell you how long it has been since I picked up a knitting project.  I stay so consumed with my felted wool sewing, especially this time of year, that I never just KNIT.  I had forgotten how relaxing and zen-like I can feel with a pair of knitting needles in hand.  I am also inspired to crank out a few quick projects as gifts.  While puttering around, pulling out knitting patterns and books, I found a great's the backstory...

Jane and I had decided that over our Thanksgiving weekend, we were going to make potholders!  Yes, potholders.  Several years ago, we were at the Christmas parade in Blowing Rock, NC and went into the Mast General Store there on Main Street.  We spied the potholder looms and loops of our childhood and decided that it would be fun to do again as adults!  It was..and both of us have potholders that are our favorite choice when we reach into the potholder drawer.  So....this year we had planned to do some again..this time making our own loops with old t-shirts.  The flu prevented this from happening...but I'm sure that sometime this winter, we will do it.   This morning, I reached for my Mason-Dixon Knitting book... very favorite knitter's guide of all time...and remembered some projects made from t-shirt loops.  RAG RUGS!!!!  Wooo-hooooo!  I'm thinking that we can step this potholder project up a notch and make some fabulous rugs!  (Wish I'd known about this t-shirt thing before the last 2 yard sales....and the purging of Sara Beth's t-shirt drawers)...but there are more..believe me.

The Mason-Dixon authors' blog is one that you won't want to miss if you are a knitter.  I don't know why I haven't had it on my blog as a favorite already...I love the way the two women write back and forth to each other as posts on their blog....very much fun to read.

I'm going to finish out the weekend staying in from the crowds and continuing to recover...I  think now I'm as scared of everyone else's germs as I am about giving mine away.  Sure wish I'd bought some stock in hand sanitizer or Theraflu or Kleenex.

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