Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More on the Richmond trip....

Got to make this quick tonight...but I promised a little more on the trip to Richmond...there's still lots to tell... the Craft and Design Show was really really fun...one of my favorite things about the day was meeting Katie and Maggie from Quirk and hearing them RAVE over my sister's jewelry, which they had displayed all over their booth...Those girls were cute and fun and their gallery is adorable, full of too many things that one can't live without!!!

We spent a loooong time in Quirk Gallery, and I wish I lived closer...I would be in there often!

After all that fun, we went back to our lovely inn, and got ready for dinner out.  Kate's friend, Emily made reservations for all of us at Can-Can Brasserie, the restaurant where her husband is a chef.  We had a wonderful meal, brushed up on our high school French and enjoyed the beauty of this fabulous restaurant!  I would go on...but can't tell you about Sunday without lots of pictures...can't wait to tell you about Monument Avenue!!   I have GOT to get to bed...during class tonight (that I'm teaching at the community college) my throat began closing up and feeling sore...I've been sneezing all day.  I sure don't want to be sick for Thanksgiving...I've just finished a big cup of hot Ginger-Lemon tea with honey and I'm going to take some extra Vitamin C before turning in...maybe I'll even dig out the cod liver oil! Yes...I have some!  A teacher at one of the pre-k classrooms that I visited a couple of years ago swore by that stuff..she said that she managed to never be sick, even with kids snorting and sneezing all over her every day...So I bought some...now if I can just find it (and the expiration date!) I'll be back tomorrow...Goodnight!

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