Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bone Tired

My mother had several ways of rating fatigue...."bone tired" and "screamin' tired"....Holly Days Bazaar is over and I am BONE tired. Thankfully, this year went so smoothly with pacing myself with making products, set up, clean up and the location of our sale, that I am not "screamin"!! I came home from the sale, forced myself to take everything out of the car and bring it in the house...then ate a bowl of soup, took a shower and DIED on the couch for 2 hours. I had every intention of getting back up to go take some ibuprofen for my aching body, and never got there. Now that I'm in a better frame of mind, I can tell you all about our successful and happy experience at the Holly Days Bazaar! The day was filled with fun and lots of friends stopping by to shop. My Christmas tree bottle covers were the hit of the day, and I have some orders for more. I came home with a chocolate chess pie from the beautiful bake sale that the Service League does SO well, and a few other goodies from other vendors. Earrings, a snowman pendant and a HUGE star made from tobacco sticks with white lights..can't wait to hang it on the big brick wall on the front of my house. Plus I love anything related to daddy was a tobacco buyer and my mother's family farmed tobacco...I shared with some of our neighbor vendor friends stories of sister and I ("the city girls"...insert smug smile, as the town we grew up in was small and not in any way shape or form a CITY) coming to the farm each week in the summer to see my grandparents and watching my aunt and uncle and cousins putting up tobacco. I can so vividly remember the smells and the sounds and the vision of my Aunt Annie Laurie tying those green tobacco leaves to those sticks with the precision and practice from hundreds and hundreds of times. After bulk barns became the new rage, the tobacco sticks were a thing of the past, and have now become pieces of art for some. I am thrilled to have old tobacco sticks which will light up my house for the holidays! It will also be a nice reminder of my day with the "Knotty Girls"...five creative friends who worked hard, shared laughs and had a very successful day!


  1. Your display was beautiful and I'm really excited about the bottle covers I bought -- will have a hard time giving them away. I may want to get another one from you -- wasn't thinking when I bought only 2.

  2. Thanks Paige...I'm so glad that you were able to come! I'm taking orders and I'm definitely making lots more of the Christmas trees...I'll let you know when they are ready!